10 Things you need to do to secure your company assets

August 2, 2017

Whether you run a one-man show or a multi-national organisation, take the time to prioritize company asset protection at your next planning meeting. Plan ahead to protect your business by securing your employees, customers, building, equipment and revenue generating assets.

If you’re unsure as to exactly what qualifies as asset protection, it covers a wide range of tangible and intangible assets. Essentially it includes anything that can lead to potential loss of revenue which covers poor record keeping, employee theft, armed robbery, cyber terrorism etc. The following ideas of best practice will help secure your business:

• Install recommended surveillance equipment like CCTV cameras
• Employ an electronic security company that is affiliated with PSIRA and offers an armed response monitoring service
• Employ the services of a professional guarding company
• Invest in technologies that help track sales and inventory
• Back-up data by storing digital documents on a server in a different location
• Protect access to proprietary information with password access
• Professionally wipe all hard drives before selling or destroying devices
• Ensure that parking lots and building exists are well lit
• Conduct thorough background checks when employing new staff
• List all company equipment with serial numbers and store this off-site

By implementing these practices, you’ll improve protection of your company, your customers and your employees. Red Alert Electronic Security & Armed Response and Red Alert Guarding are trusted partners to a number of national clients and have a proven track record. Give us a call to help secure your company assets.

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