Violent crime in London to be tackled by new unit

September 19, 2018

The BBC reports that tackling serious violence in London is to be treated as a public health issue, the city’s mayor has said. Sadiq Khan has set up a Violence Reduction Unit to include public health staff, police, and local government, with £500,000 in initial funding. He said it “will not deliver results overnight”, but […]

Moneyweb’s Nompu Siziba says cash crimes are crippling the retail sector

September 19, 2018

Richard Phillips and Yusuf Abramjee discuss targeted retail outlets, levels of violence, crime syndicates and available deterrent technology. NOMPU SIZIBA: Last week the crime statistics for 2017/2018 showed that business robberies had declined by 3.1% to just over 20 000. However, observers note than an average of 65 retail cash robberies a day remains way […]

How the 105 000 manufacturing job cuts affect you

September 12, 2018

Headline news in April this year confirmed a 27.2% unemployment rate as 105 000 manufacturing jobs were shed. A staggering additional 93 000 jobs were lost in community, social and personal services, and 57 000 more in the trade. The Free State has been the hardest hit with a 1.6% growth in the unemployment rate […]

Putting workplace hygiene to work

September 9, 2018

The Occupational Health and Safety Act has companies on guard to meet the exacting standards that have been laid out by Government. Health and Safety audits are hard work which is why we are working with you to make sure that you pass with flying colours. Workplace hygiene considerations go beyond mere cleaning and good […]

How to help prevent child abduction

August 28, 2018

With recent incidents occurring we have and will be actively deploying our officers to schools. Here are some safety tips you can use and if anyone notices any suspicious activity please don’t hesitate to call our emergency number on 0437034700 or the SAPS on 10111. Young children should: Never say they are alone if they […]

Reviewing corporate culture to combat economic crime

August 12, 2018

Digital innovation and technology have given rise to new attack surfaces for economic criminals and fraudsters, resulting in the rate of instances growing at exponential levels, PwC’s 2018 ‘Global Economic Crime’ survey shows. The survey, released on Thursday, notes that just under half of organisations (49%) globally report that they have experienced economic crime in […]

SARS starts publishing names of convicted tax offenders

August 12, 2018

Failing to submit a tax return can result in a criminal record for non-compliant taxpayers. Last month the South African Revenue Service (SARS) published the names of 10 offenders who failed to submit their returns and who now have criminal records. SARS has always been able to do this in terms of the law, but […]

When temperatures rise, so do crime rates

August 12, 2018

Over the past few decades there has been a growing worldwide interest in examining the relationship between weather and various types of crime. Most research in this area has however produced inconsistent and often paradoxical results. For example, some studies have found no seasonal fluctuations in crime. Others have however found an increase in crimes […]

Bathroom Cleaning Hacks

July 25, 2018

Your bathroom is usually one of the dirtiest rooms in your house, requiring frequent cleaning to keep it fresh and smelling nice. Use these bathroom deep cleaning hacks to get your bathroom cleaner than ever! Make a cleaning checklist Most of us probably can’t wait to be done cleaning our bathrooms, even if we’re not […]

Trends shaping Emergency Medical Services in 2018

July 10, 2018

ESO Solutions, the leading data and software company serving emergency medical services, fire departments, and hospitals, shared the trends it predicts will have the biggest impact on EMS organizations in 2018. According to Brent Myers, MD, Senior Medical Consultant at ESO, “The most successful EMS organizations will be the ones that leverage data and integrate […]

Family awarded $ 1.6 million for bedbug complaint

July 5, 2018

Bedbugs could cost your business millions in lost revenue. According to an article trending on New York Times, a family was awarded a settlement of $ 1.6 million for scars resulting from bedbugs! A family in California whose son was permanently scarred by bedbug bites has been awarded nearly $1.6 million by a civil jury. […]

How biometrics are shaping the customer experience

July 2, 2018

Biometrics are redefining the way we engage with our customers. From handheld devices that require fingerprint authentication to banks offering apps using biometric data to open accounts, the world as we know it is undergoing a metamorphosis. Consumers are bombarded by choice which means that business owners need to differentiate their brands in the hearts […]