Does your company have a clean desk policy?

July 6, 2017

In an age where information is power, it is little wonder that many companies have introduced clean desk policies in an attempt to maintain privacy and secure data.

Security requirements are met through orderly workstations. Desks, credenzas and workstations are cleared at the end of each work day and important information is kept under lock and key. Confidential material such as client data, financials, product development specs and passwords, are removed from conference rooms and workstations and kept in secure, locked cabinets.

Employees are required to limit access to files and networks after hours. Systems are required to be shut down at the end of each work day and password protected screensavers are standard. These passwords are regularly updated.
Laptops, notebooks, tablets and other small electronic devices are locked away at night and each device is accounted for on the company’s audit by serial number. IT often monitors activity on these devices to track unauthorised access or search data.

Sensitive information on screens, easel pads and whiteboards should not be visible through windows. Any sensitive printed materials should be shredded and disposed of in a secure manner.

No food may be consumed or stored at workstations to limit accidental damage to computers and to reduce bacterial infestation. Keyboards, telephones, cell phones and calculators are all items that require regular cleaning as they house transferred bacteria.

Employees are collectively responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of common office areas that includes kitchens and washrooms. In this way, work areas are kept, clean, neat and orderly and in compliance with security, health and safety regulations. Many companies outsource professional cleaning services to companies who both comply with industry standards like HACCP and who employ trained personnel. They use industrial strength solutions that effectively address the requirements of communal workplaces.

We strongly advocate clean desk policies as one way in which to guard sensitive company information. Call us to raise the bar for cleaning and security in your office.

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