Feminine Hygiene Matters

August 9, 2017

At the heart of every woman lies a lady to whom dignity and reputation matter.

The workplace is not altogether friendly to women. There is the glass ceiling for promotion and career growth, there is the “old boys club” and “locker room” talk that objectifies women and to some extent “keeps them in their place”.

Despite women’s rights having received a lot of media and political attention the stigma of women in the workplace is very real. We are reminded of the recent blooper from President Donald Trump who said of his lewd comments, “it was just ‘locker room’ talk”. Does that allude to the fact that it is considered acceptable to objectify women as long as they are not within earshot and, is that attitude part of the reason for the continued abuse against women throughout the world?

Today, as we celebrate Women’s Day in South Africa, a new day is dawning for women. Their unique skills are being sought for a workplace that is more dependent on effective communication, both internally and externally.
We certainly see many women supporting households. They are the breadwinners and they manage to balance that well with their other responsibilities. It’s like the old adage: “If you want something done, give it to a busy person.” Women certainly seem to juggle their responsibilities well.

We encourage you as business owners to consider the unique needs of women in the workplace. These possibly include:

• Feminine hygiene in communal toilets
• Hand-soap in toilets (this is a must – it should NEVER run out)
• Flexi options – either time or place (they might be able to work from home sometimes)
• Women’s Forum – some women remain unheard at home and work. Create a safe outlet for them to be heard. They might have the best ideas but not enough confidence to speak up.

In closing, we wish to support you by assisting with any of your (Feminine) Hygiene needs in your workplace. Talk to us to find out how you can provide a better experience for the women in your employ.

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