How hygiene can improve occupancy for the hospitality industry

August 10, 2017

If you own or run a guesthouse or hotel, you’ll know that the quality and availability of basic room amenities matter to your guests.

According to PWC’s Consumer Intelligence Report on hotel brand loyalty, “Both business and leisure travellers say room quality is the #1 reason for choosing a hotel.” Travellers want to feel pampered so they are looking for luxury in their hotel experience. That means amongst others, quality linen and clean spaces.

More travel is booked online than ever before so potential clients will assess the quality of your accommodation based on the images you display online.

Room décor
The importance of quality beds and linen cannot be stressed enough. Your guests need to feel confident that the bed they will be sleeping in is clean and, that the linen is freshly washed and luxurious to the touch. If travel is about indulgence, then these things matter. High thread count linen certainly helps here too!

We suggest regular and thorough curtain cleaning to avoid that heavy feel that many hotel curtains have. Reduce dust in the curtains and improve the quality of the air by doing so. Also, have your cleaners check for bedbugs. They should clean mattresses regularly. Once you have an infestation of bedbugs in your hotel or guesthouse, it’s very difficult to get rid of them.

Travellers are becoming more concerned with the cleanliness of their accommodation and the impression of anything less than the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness, may leave your potential guests looking for alternative options.

Good food
The kitchen is like ground zero in the hospitality industry when it comes to hygiene. Make sure that yours tops the charts for good reviews and happy and healthy guests.

Indulgence cannot be at play without talking about good food. One of the real luxuries for most of us is dining out and for your guests, the delectable cuisine on offer is part of the experience – a big part. The Chef is kingpin, no doubt, but the cleanliness of his or her kitchen is paramount. The last thing you need is a bad review on TripAdvisor about a cockroach in the dining room or a dirty kitchen.

One of our recent blog posts was about the extra measures taken by the hospitality industry to ensure the wellbeing of the Tour de France cyclists and we’d like to encourage you to check it out if you haven’t read it. It serves to remind us how critical cleanliness is in hotels, particularly for those hosting athletes for sports tourism.

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