How safe is your secure estate or complex?

July 10, 2017

“A recent report by IOL stated that freestanding home owners are flocking to security estates due to influxes in robberies in residential areas across the Western Cape – so maybe security complexes are becoming more of a safe haven for homeowners and those looking to buy.” SA Home Owner Online

The general consensus is that security estate living is indeed the safer option for residents owing to the increased access control measures, perimeter fencing and other security measures employed by these estates. There are more eyes and ears on the lookout, visitors are required to sign in and provide their personal details and most often, there are CCTV at entrances.

Despite all that, organised crime has targeted security estates because the home owners have been lulled into a false sense of security and are not routinely diligent about the use of home alarm systems. They also tend to have large ornate windows that have no burglar bars which provide intruders with easy access points.

The high walls afford residents with their coveted privacy but they also alienate neighbours from one another. In a world where we are inundated with people, most of us just want to drive in and lock the doors, leaving behind the madness and chaos of our work days. In so doing, we’ve lost touch with our neighbours who really are our eyes and ears. Instead of the old fashioned community looking out for one another, we now have to rely on organised community patrols to ensure our wellbeing.

We recommend that you take the time to get to know your neighbours. Don’t scare them by being overly friendly all of a sudden, just go over and introduce yourself, ask of they have any concerns about security and if you can swap numbers to exchange information. It’s a start.

• Remember to test the home alarm regularly and only share the alarm code with trustworthy family members.
• Ask the Body Corporate to change pin codes if a tenant moves out and make sure that your security company is registered with PSIRA.
• The guards on duty should be well dressed and visible. As guardians of your family, it is critically
important that they should be trusted members of your estate community.

If you require guidance on how to improve security at your estate, contact our Guarding Division and ask about SuperGuard, our 24/7 solution to your security needs.

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