How Sanele Sithole triumphed over adversity

September 13, 2017

At Red Alert, we believe in promoting from within in the hope that we can encourage personal development and career growth amongst our valued staff. Our company exists based on the strength of our people who have worked with us to build a brand that inspires trust.

We are profiling some personal success stories as a tribute to all those who have taken up the challenge to be the best they can be. This is the story of Sanele Sithole.

Raised by his grandmother in the absence of biological parents, under extremely difficult circumstances, Sanele completed his schooling and started work as a gardener in Pietermaritzburg. In 2013 he started working for Rob Anderson and it soon became apparent that Sanele had a strikingly different energy about him.

In January of 2014, Rob offered Sanele an opportunity to be mentored and trained as a wireman @RedAlertKZNdespite having no previous related experience. He embraced the opportunity and soon earned a reputation for his work ethic, enthusiasm and vigour. Despite a number of challenges, Sanele demonstrated his commitment and will to succeed and consistently arrived at work before his colleagues. He also began seeking out work-related training opportunities and read any relevant content that he could find.

According to his manager, “his conscientiousness extends to the effort and pride that he puts into maintaining company vehicles daily and his attention to detail in terms of workmanship and dress code sets him apart. He literally lives and breathes the company motto “Pride-Passion-Empowerment. His positive attitude and friendly demeanour permeates the entire Pietermaritzburg office. The positive influence he has on his colleagues in the Technical Department is palpable. Once in the field, it wasn’t long before Sanele started to have a positive impact on Red Alert customers. They fondly and frequently refer to him and his noteworthy character. The extremely high level of workmanship that Sanele now produces supersedes industry criteria and surpasses ours and our client’s expectations in terms of attention to detail.

His quest for knowledge has led him to achieve a number of important qualifications that will support his career goals:

Learner’s and Drivers License in 2014
N1 – N4 Electrical Engineering Studies (on-going)
South African Intruder Detections Service Association (SAIDSA) Technical Certification with 94.4%!
Firearm Competency Certificate in accordance with the Firearms Control Act

Sanele’s consistent optimism, graciousness and energy never waiver. His philosophy for success is simple: always remain optimistic, positive and hardworking. These are attributes which he consistently embraces and displays regardless of circumstances. Although he claims that he wouldn’t be anyone or anywhere in life without the opportunity afforded to him by Rob Anderson, it is impossible to imagine that someone with Sanele’s character could ever have been overlooked. He has proudly become one of Red Alert’s biggest KZN assets and one which we as a company will continue to nurture and grow.

From gardener in 2013 to Trainee Wireman, Junior Technician, Technician and Senior Technician in little over three years – Sanele Sithole has done himself and his family proud.

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