How to avoid becoming a victim of fraud

July 14, 2017

Blue collar crime and petty theft are on the increase. As jobs are lost and people can no longer feed their families, the temptation to turn to crime is very real. Prisons are seeing more female inmates and this can largely be attributed to the rising cost of living.

Stories of fraud abound. School administrators, store managers, personal assistants and bookkeepers have been making headlines for stealing millions from their employers. Whilst these remain the exception, they are a reality. We need to be more vigilant in the workplace to avoid becoming the victims of fraud in our businesses.

We’ve all heard about the fight or flight response but we’re guessing you might not have heard about GAS (and no, not that type of gas). It is the General Adaption Syndrome (GAS) and refers to three stages of the body’s response to stress; alarm, resistance and exhaustion. The fight or flight response is the most common type of alarm stage.
If you tend to disregard that little voice in your head, that sixth sense that warns us that all is not well, perhaps it’s time to brush up on body language. At least you’ll have some cues that it’s time to run.

Body language conveys our intent without us realising it. It can best be described as communication without words. By paying attention to this subliminal messaging, we can better understand what is truly being communicated and become more aware of potential danger.

Watch for these 5 signs that you’re being deceived:

• Shielding the mouth is a sign of deception
• Rubbing, twisting or scratching the ear. This may be accompanied with looking to the side.
• Rubbing the eyes. As children we cover our eyes to avoid seeing something that scares us and as adults, we involuntarily block something bad.
• Touching the mouth or having fingers in the mouth. This one is way more interesting. It’s a sign of deception but also alludes to the need for approval and security. Babies suck dummies and we do the same with our fingers.
• Think Pinocchio for a second. Actually, special substances lead to irritation of the nasal mucosa and at the same time, blood pressure and blood flow increase, and the nose indeed grows! So, watch for that nose being touched.

Without fail, our bodies serve us well. In return, we just need to pay more attention to them.

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