The link between poverty and crime

October 10, 2017

Poverty is on the increase throughout the globe. Despite numerous relief programs and initiatives to improve sustainability, the divide between the rich and poor is wider than ever.

Factors such as unemployment, population density, minority population, age distribution, and locality all affect poverty and there are a number of reasons why poverty in turn, affects crime.

• There is a higher rate of mental illness in the poor than in the rich
• Poverty can lead to high levels of stress that in turn may lead individuals to commit theft, robbery, or other violent acts.
• Poverty often leads to substance abuse which in turn leads to wreckless behaviour and disregard for consequences.
• Poverty may lead to an actual or perceived inferior education, increasing the probability of the youth spending time on the street and associating with gangs.

Variations in the composition of a population can affect crime in different ways. Adolescents are often responsible for crimes committed and a higher percentage of the population under the age of twenty-five may lead to higher crime rates.

Population density also plays a part because of the manner in which it influences living conditions (ie: houses vs. apartment complexes). Generally, more densely populated neighbourhoods tend to be poorer.

As people try to escape their reality, they turn to drugs and alcohol to achieve some kind of oblivion. This often leads to addiction and addicts, high on drugs, are particularly violent. Many impoverished families have no way to pay school fees, uniform costs and travel required to attend school and therefore, the children are left at home where they turn to the streets. This may lead to begging or even prostitution and all kinds of criminal behaviour.

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