Upholding standards to earn trust

October 12, 2017

Standards and expectations vary. What might be viewed as acceptable by one, may be inferior to another or even superior to one with lower expectations. And that’s what it’s all about. Expectations.

In order to manage expectations, there are a number of authorities that govern each industry. These bodies exist to offer peace of mind to consumers, manage disputes, provide information and generally regulate industry standards. At Red Alert, we belong to a number of industry-specific bodies that provide security and peace of mind for our clients.

ISO 9001 Accreditation
Standards like fashion come and go but for most businesses, ISO 9001 is a widely recognised and respected measure of quality standards.
Red Alert is proud to be ISO 9001 accredited.

NCCA (National Contract Cleaners Association)
Bright, clean and hygienic premises are conducive to attracting business and an incentive for improved staff performance. Whilst most of us appreciate that this is true, most businesses tend to outsource cleaning to professional contract cleaners and get on with their own core business.
As members of the NCCA, we have to abide by a strict code of ethics and are required to comply with all statutory requirements relating to labour legislation, taxes, levies, insurance requirements, OHS Act etc – and in doing so protect our clients against third party liability.
We are also committed to skills training in terms of the National Qualifications Framework, and by belonging to the NCCA, we are kept up to date on all matters affecting the Industry on an on-going basis.

PSIRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority)
The primary objective of PSIRA is to regulate the private security industry and to exercise effective control over the practice of the occupation of security service provider in the public and national interest and in the interest of the private security industry itself.
As PSIRA members, Red Alert is committed to adhering to a code of conduct that promotes achieving and maintaining a trustworthy and professional private security service to our clients.
We also comply with standards aimed at preventing exploitation or abuse of employees in the private security industry and adhere to all applicable laws.

SASA (Security Association of South Africa)
The private security industry in South Africa is largely recognised as one of the fastest growing in the private sector, providing a vital crime prevention service, and contributing significantly to new business investment and job creation.
SASA provides a platform that is representative of the best interests of its members, acts as an advocate for the industry and a custodian of professional business practice. It also fosters ethical business practice in the security industry, which is why we are proud SASA members.

There is a gold standard in every industry and at Red Alert, we aim to be the Gold Standard in Cleaning and Security. We’re hard at work finding better solutions for our clients and paving the way to the future of business in our sector.

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