What to do to secure parkades

September 8, 2017

Hollywood would have us believe that there are evil villains lurking behind posts in dark and gloomy parkades so it’s little wonder that many of us are more than a little cautious about approaching our cars in deserted parking lots, particularly at night.

Whether it’s at shopping malls, hotels or apartment blocks, the parking areas are quite daunting after hours. They’re dark and remote so even if you called for help, the chances are slim that anyone would hear your calls. That’s why we advocate good strategically placed lighting, CCTV and Security Officers on patrol 24/7. The combination of all three aspects will make your building more appealing to tenants and prospective buyers and will alleviate the concerns of those who frequent your premises.

Increase visibility and safety

There are specifications for lighting in underground parking areas but all parking areas benefit from increased visibility. It reduces the opportunity for vagrants to dwell in buildings which has become quite commonplace over time and reduces the risk to patrons who utilize the parking facilities.

Contact your local ECA (Electrical Contractors Association) approved electrician to advise you on cost saving energy efficient solutions that allow you to increase visibility without incurring additional energy costs. They will guide you on placement and ensure that your installation complies with all the regulatory guidelines. By working with an ECA member, you have recourse if you are not entirely happy with the job.

CCTV provides peace of mind

Deterrents serve as a good security measure to reduce crime. CCTV cameras serve a dual purpose:

1) Around the clock surveillance
2) Recordings of suspicious behaviour

The positioning of these cameras determines the efficacy to some extent. It is advisable to seek professional guidance in this regard so that the cameras are safe from damage or theft but still provide the right viewing angles.

Professional Guarding Services

We at Red Alert have introduced SuperGuard, doubling your security without doubling your cost.
SuperGuard is the answer for 24/7 surveillance. A thoroughly trained security officer is linked audio-visually to the vault, a secure access controlled environment by means of an on-site CCTV camera. In the vault, highly trained security professionals, proficient in both security and conflict resolution, communicate with the SuperGuard via a patented audio visual device. They can see and hear the situation as it happens and, where necessary, deploy reinforcements immediately. This unique patented solution provides the best solution for increased security at high risk areas.

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