60% of contact crimes in SA take place over weekends

September 12, 2019
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According to the latest crime stats, murder is up by another 3.4% and sexual offences in SA rose by 4.6% in 2018/19. The recent spate of gender-based violence in the country seems to support the findings of the latest study released by SAPS. The Portfolio Committee on Police heard that murder, sexual offences and other […]

SA has one of the largest private security industries in the world

September 9, 2019
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South Africa’s suburbs and business are wired with alarms and surrounded by high walls, barbed wire, electric fences and motion sensors. Big dogs with big teeth bark at strangers from behind steel gates. Gun-toting private security guards patrol the streets. The high levels of security are the first thing that many visitors to the country […]

Join the minimalist revolution

September 5, 2019
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Minimalism is the new eco-friendly trend being adopted by Millenials all over the world. It is highly regarded and allows each of us to contribute to saving the planet by simply consuming less. Based on the principle of small spaces and no clutter, minimalist living embraces simplicity in all its forms. It is a lifestyle […]

Join the #AmINext Conversation

September 4, 2019
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Barely after the much-celebrated Women’s Month has concluded a protest is looming. South Africa has found itself at a similar position to 2018 when the community organised #TotalShutdown march sparked by a surge in femicide reports, a similar position to the surge of femicide reports the year before that in 2017 following the wide reporting […]

Kidnapping prevention tips

September 2, 2019
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According to Missing Children South Africa, a child goes missing every five hours in our country. One minute your child is there, the next minute they’re gone. It is a frightening reality and every parent’s nightmare, but a prevailing issue in South Africa. It’s a chilling statistic – and it should serve as a warning […]