Contract cleaning is big business in South Africa. In fact, it equates to almost 100 000 people being employed by approximately 1 500 cleaning companies. In monetary terms, it accounts for almost 1% of GDP.

The big differentiator in this sector is service delivery.

At Red Alert Service Solutions, we make every effort to ensure service excellence for our clients, the once-off ones, and the permanent contract cleaning ones. To us, every job deserves proper supervision and that’s one of the reasons that we do more regular site checks and daily inspections at management level than the industry average, on average, 4 – 6 times more.

Each of our teams is led by an experienced on-site supervisor who takes responsibility for the performance of the team. They ensure that their teams are competent and confident and remain motivated to deliver only the best service. Our philosophy is simple, we cap the number of cleaners to 130 per supervisor. That way, they form a close working relationship where they know each other by name and understand one another’s personal circumstances and challenges. It creates an environment of empathy and mutual respect and encourages a team mentality that benefits the client.

We promote a sense of ownership, and area managers are encouraged to run the team like a business. This leads to careful selection of dedicated team members who come with recommendations and training and who generally stay with the company for life. Our history of long-service awards is testament to the fact that this model makes people feel like they belong, have a purpose, have scope for development and feel valued. This underscores our commitment to our people – the face and the beating heart of the company.

The company supports compliance and is accredited with the National Contract Cleaners Association (NCCA) and is ISO 9001 accredited. This goes beyond ticking boxes for us and speaks to our earnest desire to provide our clients with peace of mind so that they can trust that we will get the job done right.

For quality workmanship that you can trust from people you know, the best team for your next clean is Red Alert.