Agility is the gold standard in safety

Never before has corporate agility been as important as it is now. Lofty corporate structures that require copious lengths of red tape look set to become a thing of the past.
Those companies that have been able to respond swiftly when COVID-19 hit reset, are the very organisations that will flourish beyond lockdown. They exemplify everything that is synonymous with the more streamlined business model being embraced around the globe. Old industrial models have been streamlining processes to achieve operational excellence and those companies that have achieved some level of success with this will have been able to adapt more readily under COVID-19 legislation. VWSA really showed their muscle during the pandemic and flawlessly executed a transition at their Uitenhage plant by:

  • partnering with a local NGO, Gusco, to produce soft fabric face masks aimed at reducing the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Following a successful trial batch, production of these masks began and thousands of masks were delivered in the Eastern Cape.
  • VWSA is also part of the National Government Task Force team working on medical equipment such as ventilators. VWSA’s Research and Development team is using 3D printing technology to produce parts for a mechanical ventilator which will be produced at the Uitenhage plant.

Thomas Schaefer, VWSA’s Chairman and Managing Director says: “We are continuously investigating ways in which VWSA can offer support in this time of crisis. It is very important for all the key stakeholders to collaborate in order to flatten the curve of the infections whilst protecting the lives of our most vulnerable citizens.”
Of course, VWSA is just one of many companies that have made the most of a bad situation but their reaction was definitely on point. Our very own CEO, Peter Harvey, has earned his stripes as a visionary leader too. He recently added Red Alert Safety Solutions to the stable and wasted no time in adding new lines of COVID PPE items to the list to support the national cleaning and hygiene business. The company’s response has been impressive and the projected recovery post lockdown looks positive. Their support of their local network of NPOs and communities has intensified and they have actively taken action to assist where the need is greatest. They are the foot soldiers in the war being waged on the pandemic.