Clever cleaning hacks for your car

If you like a clean car and prefer to keep things neat and tidy inside and out, this post is for you. These simple hacks will help you to maintain order in your vehicle, even if you have kids!
Grab the coffee filters 
Once you’ve had a cuppa to get you going, grab a coffee filter or two to use as dust cloths for the interior of your car. They are made from lint-free fabrics that collect dust and won’t leave marks.
Add some rubbing alcohol
This isn’t for consumption, it’s to be used to rub your wiper blades. It degreases the blades and will clear even fine mist from your windscreen.
Clean cup holders
Notice a theme developing here? It’s entirely intended! Beverage or cup holders have been worked into the design of most cars, some in the car doors, others between the rear seats, and most often in the front console. The reason is simple. Our lives are rushed and we generally have things on the go – from coffee to conversation. That’s what makes our cars part of the family so to speak. That’s also why we need to clean our cupholders regularly. Take an old sock, fit it onto a cup, spray it with window cleaner and insert it into the cupholder. Swivel it a few times, rinse and repeat.   
Make it shine
If you wash your car at home and don’t have wax on hand to buff things up, don’t worry. Simply add some hair conditioner to the water before washing to keep it shiny and bright. Conditioners generally contain lanolin which is a kind of wax and does the trick. 
Recirculate the air
There is a button in your car that is designed to help reduce the air pollution inside your car. It’s really simple, pushing the button keeps dirty air outside and recirculates the clean air inside the car. Be mindful of traffic and in heavy traffic, always use the recirculation button.
Change the way you store stuff
Most drivers have a spot to keep small change for parking and car guards. Try using a fizzy container, the type you get your Vitamin C in, for example, to stack your coins and keep them in one place. It’s also better than having loose money lying around for prying eyes. 
Space savers
Organisation is king in the car. Rather than having a stack of handbags and shopping bags lying around, consider investing in car tidyalls that typically hang behind the seats and where you can safely and neatly store all your bits and bobs. They’re also ideal for children to store snacks and gadgets to keep them entertained so that you can focus on the road. 
Window sleeves
If you travel long distances with small children, window socks are the answer. They cover the entire window, don’t flap in the wind and drive you crazy and are treated with UV resistant finishes that protect your skin and keep out the glare. Your little ones can sleep without the sun in their eyes and you don’t have to stop to swap sides or listen to the complaints. 
In the end, a clean and neat car is good for your peace of mind, presents a more professional image and contributes to safety on the roads.