Experiencing a flood can be a distressing ordeal, leaving behind a trail of destruction and uncertainty. In such challenging times, Red Alert stands by you, not only offering impeccable cleaning and restoration services but also guiding you through the intricacies of managing insurance claims to ensure a seamless recovery process.

Initiate Immediate Contact:

In the wake of a flood, it is imperative to contact your insurance company promptly. We at Red Alert recommend documenting the initial state of damage through photographs and videos, as this will serve as essential evidence when filing your claim. Early communication helps in setting the wheels in motion, enabling you to secure the necessary financial support for our restoration services.

Document the Damage:

Thorough documentation is crucial. Compile an exhaustive list of damaged items, complete with their value. Our team can assist you in identifying and recording the extent of structural damage and other losses, which will prove invaluable when negotiating with your insurance provider.

Keep Records of Expenses:

During the cleanup and restoration process, ensure that you keep a meticulous record of all expenses incurred. This includes our professional fees, cost of temporary accommodation, and any other related expenditures. These documents will be indispensable in substantiating your claim and ensuring you receive the appropriate reimbursement.

Work Closely with the Adjuster:

Your insurance company will assign an adjuster to assess the damage. We encourage you to work closely with them, providing all necessary documentation and answering their queries comprehensively. At Red Alert, we are familiar with the workings of insurance claims and can offer guidance and support in liaising with adjusters to validate your claim.

Understand Your Policy:

Familiarising yourself with the terms and conditions of your insurance policy is essential. It helps you understand what is covered and what isn’t, preventing any unwelcome surprises. If in doubt, we recommend seeking clarification from your insurance provider or a legal advisor to gain a clear insight into your entitlements.

Remember, while floods can be devastating, the road to recovery need not be tumultuous. With Red Alert’s comprehensive services and support, you are in safe hands, ensuring a smoother journey back to tranquillity and safety.