Impressive skylines adorn the horizons of cities across the world, a vivid display of architectural marvels. The spine of these impressive structures, the elevators and escalators, play an essential role in contemporary architecture, effortlessly facilitating the movement of people and goods within towering multi-story structures.

These miracles of transport are lifelines that improve accessibility and efficiency for easy mobility but amid continual use, it’s easy to overlook the fact that they are also carriers of dirt, grime and germs. That’s why it is so important to keep the essential working parts of these marvellous floating highways clean and in good working order.

We offer our clients a professional approach to elevator and escalator cleaning and hygiene that improves safety standards in the built environment. Our expert and thorough approach keeps lifts operating at optimum levels and contributes to improved wellbeing for all.

Cleaning Schedules:

We come prepared and because we have experience working in built environments, we consult with our clients to create complete cleaning schedules that consider peak and off-peak hours to minimise disturbances to building residents.

Choosing the Correct Cleaning Supplies:

Our skilled crews prioritise using mild cleaners that won’t damage the surfaces or the machinery while using safe and efficient cleaning solutions for the different surfaces found in lifts and escalators.

Competent Cleaning Staff:

Our cleaning teams receive specialised training that concentrates on the ins and outs of cleaning elevators and escalators. They are equipped with the knowledge of how these systems operate, as well as safety protocols and specific cleaning techniques.

Focus on High-Traffic places:

We focus on cleaning high-touch places like handrails, control panels and lift buttons.

Use Specialised Equipment:

We investment in specialised equipment for the job, such as brushes, hoover attachments and cleaning chemicals, designed for cleaning lifts and escalators.

Evaluate and Modify Cleaning Procedures:

Based on user feedback, new best practices, or alterations in the building’s lift and escalator usage patterns, we periodically review and modify our cleaning procedures.

Put safety first: When it comes to cleaning escalators and lifts, safety comes first. Our employees always follow safety procedures, especially when they’re around electrical or moving items.

Elevator and escalator cleanliness is more than simply standard maintenance; it’s critical to the long-term health, security, and general operation of these systems in your facility. Red Alert Cleaning provides excellent escalator and lift cleaning services to guarantee the safety of your building’s occupants and the seamless operation of these vital transportation systems.