Road safety extends beyond the obvious like not driving under the influence. Your behaviour in your vehicle should be conscious and the best advice is to start working on new safety habits in your car to keep you safe on the go.
Safety starts with you so work on your general awareness at home, in the workplace and on the roads. Learn to scan a room or area and quickly assess imminent dangers and possible solutions. This will train your brain to respond quickly when you need it to. Simple changes like leaving a distance between your car and others at a stop will help you to change other driving and safety habits in your car that could help save your life. 
If you have children, encourage them to join you in learning new safety habits too. Don’t alarm them, rather teach them about the importance of safety in the home, in the vehicle and in public as part of a general theme.
Always lock your car doors. As soon as you are in the car and have strapped your seatbelt, make it a habit to lock your doors. This prevents criminals from grabbing stuff out of your car like your phone or your sunglasses. 
Invest in smash and grab protection for your car windows. No need to elaborate on this – it is an extra barrier between you and dangerous criminals at traffic lights and stop streets.
Be alert when approaching traffic lights or intersections. Don’t be tempted to check your phone or play with radio stations when your car is stationary. Pay attention to what is happening around you. Watch activity behind and around you too. 
Trust your gut feelings and stay off your phone!
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