How far does your electronic security company go to protect you?

Security concerns are very real for the average citizen and they extend beyond the confines of our homes. The threat of car hi-jacking (particularly in Gauteng), sexual assault (that has increased in the Eastern Cape) and violent theft is with us all day, every day.
That’s why our Electronic Security Division has taken it upon themselves to extend their reach beyond the walls of domestic bliss. They recently launched an away-from-home security app that allows you to protect yourself and your family with the push of a button. The Control Room receives and locates the call and dispatches security and EMS assistance immediately. Click on the link to find out more about away-from-home peace of mind.
Monthly subscription with registration via the Red Alert website is required in order to use the Red Alert EC app. The app allows the user to request Security or Medical assistance.
Live GPS tracking and information during alarm.
Uses best effort of (GPS/Wi-Fi/Cell Tower/Last known location).
Locks the alarm once activated and can only be disarmed via:
Pattern lock on device (created by user during setup)
Control room de-activation (with outcomes details)
SMS with position is sent to up to two (2) user’s provided contact numbers (airtime charges to users apply).
In the event of a medical emergency, all medical data – as provided by the user at registration, is available to the control room.
Existing clients benefit by the ability to receive critical information about their alarm status such as Opening and Closing signals, Low Battery and Power Failures which are sent directly via push notifications.
Clients can additionally subscribe to the following news groups in the app and will receive push notifications for:
Crime News
Special Offers
Latest Criminal Tactics
Contact us to make sure your family is protected beyond the walls of your home.