How much do you know about crime in your area?

We can agree that for the average South African citizen, security concerns are top of mind. According to the latest SAPS Crime Stats, the threat of car hi-jacking and violent house break-ins is a major concern in Gauteng, sexual assault dominates the crime scene in the Eastern Cape and generally, violent theft accompanied by unnecessary violence is commonplace. It’s safe to say that security is a concern far beyond the reaches of our homes.
Most of us grab our phones and scroll through our social media posts before we even hit the kitchen for our first caffeine shot of the day. We’re bombarded with news of tyres being burnt on our main roads, cautionary posts telling us which roads have been closed or are not safe, news of missing people and riots in city centres. It’s not for the faint of heart so it’s really no wonder that coffee is so popular – we need a real boost to face the day!
That’s why our Electronic Security Division recently launched an away-from-home security app that allows you to protect yourself and your family with the push of a button. The Control Room receives and locates the call and dispatches security and EMS assistance immediately.
Monthly subscription with registration via the Red Alert website is required in order to use the Red Alert app. The app allows the user to request Security or Medical assistance. It uses best effort GPS tracking via Wi-Fi Cell Tower or GPS to last known location and locks the alarm once it has been activated. The SMS with position is sent to two user provided contact numbers and in the event of an emergency, all medical data supplied upon registration to the app is available to the control room.
Click here to register for the away-from-home app for complete peace of mind.
If you don’t reside in East London or Pietermaritzburg, join a WhatsApp or FB Group in your neighbourhood to keep abreast of crime in your vicinity. Invite your security company to join the conversation.