How the RWC changed things

From #AmINext to #I’mStaying, it’s been a rollercoaster for South Africans over the last few weeks. 
This past weekend brought healing to a nation divided by fear and trepidation, faced with political divides in both the ruling and opposition party, fiscal uncertainty marked by Moody’s revising its South African outlook to “negative” while maintaining its Baa3 rating, and a wave of brutal crimes that have rocked the nation. Arguably, there are few countries who needed a bandaid as much as we did and we got it with a shot in the arm in the form of a convincing win against England in the Rugby World Cup in Japan.
The afterparty hasn’t died down yet. The mood is different in South Africa today. We’re all a bit more tolerant and positive. Hope has been restored to us as a nation that we can indeed make this work if we can pull together as one. 
In his speech, our Captain, Siya Kolisi spoke with pride and hope of a plan devised by our coach, Rassie Erasmus, and how they sat together and decided that theirs was a privilege, not a burden. That is the essence of the victory – the change in outlook and attitude. A change we as business leaders need to adopt to move forward in brave and courageous leaps. 
The lesson we take form THE PLAN is this, strategy is everything. Always take the time to devise a plan and stick to it, even when you have doubts, even when everyone is questioning it – see it through to the end. 
For us at Red Alert, we’re behind the Bokke and we’re behind YOU. We are your secret weapon, the arrow you kept hidden from your opponents so that you can strike whilst they sleep. 
As a full-service solutions company, it is our pleasure and indeed privilege to work with you!