How to make light of cleaning your home

Keeping a clean house means that everybody needs to take responsibility for their own mess. It’s like fighting a losing battle if everyone doesn’t do their bit so take a few minutes to draw up a cleaning roster and delegate responsibilities that are age appropriate and reasonable.
The key to success is to make this fun. If you play drill sergeant, at least dress the part so that you can lighten the mood.
Start by planning your weekly routine and then break it down into manageable chunks. Some jobs really don’t need to be done all that often so make a separate monthly plan for cleaning curtains and doing professional carpet cleaning.
• Make your bed
• Pack/unpack the dishwasher
• Wash/dry/pack dishes
• Put your own dirty laundry in the wash-bin
• Clean the table after meals
• Remove any glasses from your bedrooms
• Wash kitchen and bathroom floors
• Sweep and vacuum twice a week at least
• Do the washing when the sun shines
• Ironing twice a week
• Dusting (do this before you sweep or vacuum)
• Remove pet hair and wash pet blankets and houses
• Sweep outdoors and wipe outdoor tables
• Water plants (indoors and out)
• Clean the garage
• Sort and clean tools
• Unpack cupboards and spray for ants or remove mould
• Clean ceilings, light fittings and fans
• Wash curtains
• Get the professional carpet cleaners in
• Clean roof cavities and spray for pests
That’s a pretty comprehensive list and perhaps if you sit down and share it with the family, they’ll see just how much it takes to keep an orderly house. Ask them for their input and let them select tasks they don’t mind doing. Some people hate dishes and others detest vacuuming. You’re bound to find something for everyone.