If 2020 has taught us anything, it has to be that the key to success is being well prepared. While the spread of Coronovirus raged across the northern hemisphere, those of us down south were given a window of opportunity to prepare. That small window allowed us to equip ourselves to some extent for the onslaught. This is how to prepare for the second wave of coronavirus. 

Understanding coronavirus super spreaders

Now that the second wave has taken hold of large parts of Europe, speculation is rife regarding the possibility of a change in lockdown levels here in South Africa. The general consensus is that we should take precautions to avoid superspreaders that increase our risk. “Superspreading events” are where dozens or hundreds of cases are traced back to a single gathering or person that can play an outsized role in how infections spread.
It is likely that we will see a resurgence of infection in the future, in all probability as we approach winter 2021. Given our high recovery rates, we are unlikely to need to return to hard lockdown which will be a relief to business. Business, however, has a role to play in prevention. By avoiding overcrowding a practising social distancing, business can continue to help contain the spread.
Because of the prolonged nature of the pandemic we have to live with the virus rather than assume we can defeat it with expensive lockdowns. The key to success lies in the continued practice of preventative methods. This includes the use of sanitiser, wearing of masks and limiting outings as much as possible. 

Providing PPE kits for vulnerable communities

Our Safety Solutions team is distributing basic PPE kit to 50 children’s homes, schools and care facilities in East London this Festive Season. The aim is to help maintain high levels of hygiene to protect our most vulnerable citizens and show them how to prepare for the second wave of Covid 19.
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