Data security and online safety are under the spotlight as big business across the globe falls victim to sophisticated cybercriminal networks. 
Most recently, social media fraudsters closer to home have targeted companies like Vodacom, Cell C, Telkom, and Rain. The fraudsters monitor the social media pages of the companies and identify people looking for help. They pretend to be support agents from the company and approach the disgruntled customers, offering friendly advice and service. 
Poor service delivery and overworked and understaffed call centres have led to many mobile subscribers, desperate to find support, turning to social media for solutions. This opens the window for fraudsters to transact with people desperate for answers and resolution to queries or complaints.
After showing sympathy and promising to resolve the problem, they convince the customer to move the conversation to WhatsApp, where they request personal information and bank details in order to help solve the problem.
Customers typically provide this information as they are relieved to finally receive help from the company.
After the scammers have all the personal information they need, they use the person’s identity to apply for loans and buy things in their name.
We recommend that you change your passwords regularly and never hand out personal information to a third party. Be aware that all online activity is monitored and that personal and business social media accounts are at risk. Change privacy settings on personal accounts to reduce your risk.