It has been the strangest year for all of us and it’s taken its toll. For many of us, the holidays are beckoning.
Superspreader events across the country have exacerbated the second wave of Coronavirus. There is anxiety about travelling and putting ourselves and others at risk. The question for us now is, how to stay safe on holiday. 
Beyond the very real risk of infection, there is the risk of falling victim to criminals who prey on unsuspecting tourists. To stay safe on holiday, it’s essential to take the following precautions if you’re planning a short break this season:

  1. Safety before self: Yes, we’re tired of hearing it but it is still important to sanitise, wash hands properly (remember to DO THE FIVE), practice self-distancing and wear your mask.
  2. Don’t be complacent on holiday: Your safety habits should always remain the same. Remember, criminals don’t take holidays just because you do!
  3. Lock up and close windows when you leave your accommodation: Don’t leave valuables near windows. Move your belongings out of sight and lock them in a safe or cupboard.
  4. Put money and valuable items in a safe. If no safe is available, find a safe place to store them, out of sight and locked up.
  5. Do your research: When planning your holiday, find out where the closest hospital and police station is. 
  6. Know where your children are: Set boundaries for your children. Discuss what is allowed and what is not. This will make taking care of their safety much easier for you.
  7. Speak to hotel staff: Find out what areas you should avoid and if there are any other tips they have for you. This should include which ATMs to use, when and where to dine, what tourist attractions are more susceptible to crime and how safe it is to be out and about at night.

Always trust your gut feelings and stay off your phone!
This safety tip is brought to you by Red Alert because your safety is our concern. For more useful information, tune into Radio 702 and subscribe to our YouTube channel for video content that you can share with friends and family.