Hygiene habits your mom should have taught you

Hygiene is one of those things few people talk about but make no mistake, you need to know what is expected in terms of personal hygiene. Bad breath or body odour can ruin relationships and some advice for the guys, a quick dry shower over your sweaty body just won’t suffice. In the end, poor personal hygiene is bad for business.
Your mouth
It doesn’t help whispering sweet nothings if your breath smells like a sewar. You’re unlikely to get very far so invest in an electric toothbrush if you can – it really beats the manual version hands down. Your teeth will be smooth and your breath good and fresh. Make sure you brush your tongue while you’re at it and to be safe, floss at least once a day – although twice is better. Bits of meat get stuck there and rot causing bad odours and creating cavities.
Drink more water too and if you drink a lot of coffee, it might be worth packing a toothbrush in your bag to freshen up during the day.
Your hair
Here’s something you might not realise. If you don’t change your pillowcase regularly, you’re probably walking around with a dirty hair smell. It’s quite unique.
Every night you leave sweat and hair oils on your pillow along with dead skin cells of course so pillows are left smelling less than fresh.
Make sure you wash your hair at least every second day and change those pillowcases regularly. Keep your brushes clean too – not much point brushing clean hair with smelly brushes!
Your feet
Standing in the shower doesn’t mean you’ve washed your feet. Pick them up and scrub them with soap and a nail brush to remove dead skin or invest in a loofah to do the job for you.
If you suffer with smelly feet, do your best to keep them dry and don’t wear the same pair of shoes over consecutive days. There are many products on the market to reduce foot smells so try some to find what works best for you.
Your armpits
Deodorant is not to be used over old stale sweat. It should be applied to clean armpits.
Wash thoroughly to remove sweat from underarms. Undergarments should be washed regularly to maintain sweet smelling armpits!
Your hands
Rather gravitate to more here. Clean hands mean good health. Not only do you great people with a handshake that won’t let you down but you are less likely to suffer from colds if you wash your hands regularly.
Make sure you use soap to wash your hands and wash thoroughly, in other words, work up a lather.
Remember, body odour is like perfume. You don’t smell it but that doesn’t mean others don’t.