We would like to thank concerned citizens, clients, and friends for sharing their concerns with us regarding a video doing the rounds of a man dressed in a Red Alert uniform, looting shops in KZN.
Our internal investigations and discussions with clients reveal that this individual is not employed by Red Alert. We assume that the uniform is one of several Red Alert staff uniforms that were looted from the stores at the malls which were ransacked and burnt during the prevailing unrest.
We are dismayed by the implications for the reputation of our employees, many of whom have been with us for years and who have earned the trust of our clients. For these individuals, the careless and reckless actions of the person masquerading as one of us has cast a shadow on their honourable work ethic and dedication to service excellence.
We appeal to the public and to our clients to remain focused on collaborative efforts to restore calm and assure you that our priority remains your safety and security.