Industrial cleaning services are specialized cleaning services for industrial facilities, such as factories, warehouses, and power plants. These environments can be busy and accumulate dirt and debris quickly, which can harm workers and machinery. Industrial cleaning companies must have the skill and specialized equipment to perform thorough and consistent cleaning without interrupting production.

Everyday industrial cleaning services can include a wide range of duties specific to the environment and the industrial company’s preferences. Reputable industrial cleaning companies maintain staff that are trained, experienced and equipped to clean manufacturing and warehousing spaces and perform their cleaning routines safely and completely. Some typical cleaning services for an industrial property include:

Floor cleaning, stripping, refinishing and sealing, including vinyl, stone, ceramic, and commercial polished concrete floors

Heavy-duty equipment cleaning

Industrial carpet and upholstery cleaning

Window and glass cleaning

Commercial power washing services and loading dock cleaning

Exhaust system cleaning

Handyman repairs and maintenance

Trash removal and plastic and cardboard recycling

Restroom cleaning, sanitation and supplies

Construction debris removal

What companies require warehouse cleaning services?


Industrial warehouses

Manufacturing plants

Pharmaceutical manufacturers

Distribution centers

Self-storage facilities

Janitorial Cleaning vs. Industrial

While many of the services above also apply to janitorial services, there is an important distinction to be made between janitorial services and industrial cleaning services: the complexity of the tasks and the level of skill required to complete them.

Janitorial services serve general cleaning and sanitizing purposes to maintain safe, tidy spaces. This typically includes trash removal, carpet and floor care, bathroom maintenance, and kitchen and break area cleaning.

Industrial cleaning encompass heavier cleaning tasks in more complex, dynamic environments with moving people and parts. This means professionally deep cleaning spaces that require special equipment and cleaning methods.

Cleaning professionals are better prepared to meet the stringent cleaning, sanitation and safety demands of industrial and commercial operations.