Is your neighbourhood vulnerable?

When intruders successfully break into homes, they know exactly where neighbourhoods are vulnerable and this leads to an increase in crime in specific areas. You’ll notice clusters of reported crimes if you follow the press or community social media pages.
If you have an armed response monitoring system at your home, it is well worth talking to your neighbours about signing up with a reputable security company to further reduce your risk. By securing your immediate vicinity, you are less likely to become the target of crime and reduce vulnerability in your community.
The majority of household break-ins are accessed through the back door which is not visible from the street and allows criminals some privacy. It is worthwhile installing security beams to secure the perimeter of your property, specifically in the back garden which is most vulnerable. In many cases, criminals hop over back walls as part of their escape route so, if you and your neighbours work together, there is less opportunity for prospective criminals to target your properties.
Exterior CCTV cameras allow you to monitor your premises and help police identify criminals more easily. They are an effective tool to secure neighbourhoods and are useful as a deterrent.
Home electronic security systems are constantly evolving and becoming smarter. If your pets are part of the family, ask your security company to install pet-smart sensors which allow small pets to roam around without setting of the alarm system.
In case a fire does occur in your neighbourhood, it is important to make sure the fire doesn’t spread from house to house. If houses are in close proximity, then this is a likely possibility. Having a monitored fire alarm will alert you and the fire department immediately when there is a fire, making sure that help is on the way before the fire has the chance to spread to anyone else’s property.
Since property values are determined in part by crime in the area, it is wise to invest in securing your biggest asset. Contact us for a consultation to determine your vulnerabilities so that we can offer you a personalized solution.
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