Join the minimalist revolution

Minimalism is the new eco-friendly trend being adopted by Millenials all over the world. It is highly regarded and allows each of us to contribute to saving the planet by simply consuming less.
Based on the principle of small spaces and no clutter, minimalist living embraces simplicity in all its forms. It is a lifestyle choice that reduces the heavy debt burden placed on consumers who have opted for the traditional mortgage and two cars and offers people the opportunity to free themselves of the excess that is the cause of anxiety and depression.
From container living to floating homes, minimalists have revolutionized spaces and turned to technology for innovative ideas to save space. Cupboards that flip and serve as bookshelves or dividers are commonplace in this new world and popular social media platforms like Pinterest have an abundance of examples of clever spaces that attract millions of views.
Smaller, less cluttered spaces are certainly easier to keep clean. With less stuff, there is less work – another big upside of this lifestyle choice. Living in close quarters certainly calls for cleanliness and now that its Spring in the Southern Hemisphere, it’s time to do the annual cleanup, regardless of the size of your space.
It makes sense to start with the carpets so that any dust that is released can be cleaned up afterwards. It is worth investing in professional deep cleaning to get rid of the ingrained dirt that leads to allergies. If you decide to tackle it yourself, start by vacuuming and then use carpet shampoo to freshen things up. Do not replace furniture until the carpets and rugs are completely dry.
Unpack cupboards and bookshelves and thoroughly clean each item – wash tupperware dishes and check expiry dates of canned foods. Any dry goods should be replaced if you are uncertain as to how old the contents are. Place dehumidifiers in the cupboards to reduce damp and prolong the life of your groceries.
Wipe walls with an eco-friendly cleaner and wipe pelmets with a damp cloth. Get out the mold remover for showerheads and tiled surfaces to remove unsightly grout grub. Polish your wooden furniture and treat your leather upholstery to a restorative rub to keep it looking fabulous. Clean light fittings too – even the bits the ye can’t see. And finally, get on top of the kitchen cabinets and bedroom cupboards to dust and wipe away dirt.
You’ll feel great and your home will be fit for guests again.