Narcos report ranks SA as largest market for drugs in sub-Sahara Africa

The United States’ Department of Congress has published the 2018 International Narcotics Control Strategy (INCS) Report and South Africa has been ranked as the largest market for the sale of illicit drugs in sub-Sahara Africa.
The report has become more significant since it’s release in the first quarter of 2018 after South African authorities intercepted a shipment of cocaine to the value of R 720-million in the Eastern Cape.
Authorities believe that the cargo came from Brazil on the way to Singapore and India. This drug bust was the biggest in our history and prompted the conversation about our standing in the illicit drug market.
The INCS report recognizes South Africa as the most established economy in Africa which makes it more apparent why it is the largest market compared to our neighbours on the continent.
Narcos believe that SA acts as the transshipment destination of drugs that will eventually make their way to Europe from South America. A portion is distributed for local consumption and the remainder is trafficked internationally, often controlled by Nigerian criminal organizations.
Hawks’ Brigadier Ebrahim Kadwa said “no police agency or country can, in an isolated fashion deal with a global challenge and that is why you need global resources. In positioning ourselves in dealing with transnational organized crimes, in particular, drug trafficking, we have reached a high premium on regional and international cooperation.”
Kadwa is of the firm belief that by strengthening the footprint of anti-drug operations in the sub-Saharan region, with international assistance, this illicit trade can be challenged.
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