Telephones, computers, keyboards, and copiers are essential for a productive business. Unfortunately, these devices can also be dangerous carriers of germs and bacteria. Throughout a single day, a copier start button can accumulate more germs than a public toilet. Keeping these devices clean is crucial for maintaining a healthy workspace.

At Red Alert Cleaning and Hygiene, we offer comprehensive solutions to tackle this challenge:

Germ Hotspots

Phones accumulate germs from hands and saliva, especially shared phones. Our cleaning teams use our specially formulated disinfectants to wipe down these devices regularly.

Bacteria Breeding Grounds

With hours of typing and occasional sneezing, keyboards become germ havens. We clean them thoroughly, including between keys, using our advanced cleaning solutions and techniques.

The Silent Spreaders

Shared devices like copiers and printers, particularly their buttons, can harbour more bacteria than a public loo. Our teams pay special attention to these high-touch areas with our effective sanitising products.

Dust Collectors

While not typically touched, dusty monitors can trigger respiratory issues and allergies. We use appropriate, non-abrasive cleaning solutions to keep screens clear and dust-free.

Benefits of Our Cleaning and Hygiene Services

Reduced Spread of Illness

Our thorough cleaning and high-quality hygiene products help prevent the spread of viruses, potentially reducing employee sick days.

Increased Productivity

Clean, well-maintained devices create a more pleasant work environment, boosting overall productivity.

Extended Equipment Life

Our gentle yet effective cleaning solutions help prolong the life of your office devices.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Our cleaning practices and products reduce dust and allergens, contributing to better air quality.

Enhanced Professional Image

A visibly clean office reflects well on your business, impressing clients and boosting employee morale.

Red Alert Cleaning and Hygiene offers a two-pronged approach to office cleanliness:

Professional Cleaning Services

Implement regular, thorough cleaning schedules for all office devices

Ensure all high-touch areas are properly sanitised

Help improve overall office hygiene

Hygiene and Chemical Solutions

Provide high-quality, environmentally-friendly cleaning products

Offer a range of sanitisers, disinfectants, and specialised cleaning solutions

Ensure you have the right products for every cleaning need

Don’t let invisible threats on your office devices compromise your team’s health and productivity. Contact Red Alert Cleaning and Hygiene today for a tailored cleaning solution and top-quality hygiene products that address all your office sanitation needs. Remember, a clean office is a healthy office, and healthy employees are productive employees.