Parricide – when children kill their parents

Family murders and suicides are on the increase and the question we all want answers to is WHY? Why would parents kill their own children and why would children turn on their parents to kill? More and more, we read about these tragic and shocking crimes so we’re looking into what causes them in the first place.
A quick Google search immediately reveals what we all suspect – that child abuse is at the heart of the problem. But in reality, is this always the case or are there other circumstances that lead to parricide?
Much of what happens to children is learned behaviour. If for instance, a child lives with a parent who is a narcissist, he or she will learn the behaviour. They will learn to manipulate situations and people and they will understand on a very deep level that all that matters is what matters to them. They take on the behaviours of the parent, even if they despise them and feel hurt and betrayed by them. They learn to lie and they learn the art of deception in all its forms. But underneath all that is a slow-burning fire of rage and sense of injustice. Unless they get professional help at a very young age, the writing is on the wall for adult behaviours that will result in substance abuse, sexual abuse, and violent tendencies that will ultimately likely lead to their incarceration.
We have to remember that there are always exceptions to the rule but without intervention and a whole lot of love, the damage done can be fatal for those who inflicted it. Often, perpetrators of crime do not feel guilt. They are void of the switch that stops us from hurting other people and doing things that we know are wrong. Their lack of moral compass leads them to act out with little or no thought to the consequences of their actions.
Parricide is a complicated matter and one that deserves our attention as it becomes more and more prevalent in our society. It would be interesting to note whether the victims were indeed the perpetrators of abuse against the child or onlookers who failed to act to protect them. It’s a matter we will investigate so follow our blog to find out more.