Putting super-bugs under the microscope

Hospital in-patients in South Africa face the possibility of infection by a super-bug – a “nightmare bacteria” that made its way here from the US. Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae is from a family of super-bugs known as CRE.
Super-bugs cause most in-hospital infections and are exceptionally difficult to treat. Experts agree that super-bugs are life-threatening and together, hospitals and cleaning specialists are combining their efforts to reduce the risk of infection for in-patients.
Hand hygiene is the most important step for preventing healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) and by practicing good hand hygiene in hospitals, the value of surface cleaning and disinfection is enhanced.
The best way to protect yourself is to follow the advice of your doctor and complete every course of antibiotics prescribed to you. If you fail to complete a course of antibiotics, some of the bacteria causing the infection may survive – and these will be the ones with the greatest resistance to antibiotics, putting you at risk of becoming resistant to treatment. Simply put – follow your doctor’s advice and complete the course!
Which hospital surfaces are high risk for contamination?
No evidence exists to support an answer to the question but there are “high risk” and “high touch” surfaces that present a greater risk of pathogen transmission to patients.
The cleaning of hard surfaces in hospital rooms is essential for reducing the risk of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). Surface cleaning and disinfectant products and technologies are widely used and according to expert opinion, quaternary ammonium and chlorine-based products are the most effective. They are the primary chemical agents used in the routine disinfection of hospital rooms.
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