East London based facilities management company, Red Alert Service Solutions, has erected another CCTV security eye on the busy Pearce Street intersection in Berea, East London to monitor criminal movement and activity in the area.
The latest installation is an extension of our community patrol initiative launched in January 2018 to erect a network of CCTV pylons at strategic points in 15 suburbs around the city. The CCTV cameras are monitored live 24/7 at the Red Alert Control Centre and help to track the movement of criminal elements and assist patrol vehicles through advanced communication systems.
cctv pylon
There is a growing trend to utilise CCTV surveillance cameras in both public and private settings where the prevention of personal and property crime is one of the main objectives. It is an effective deterrent to potential offenders because of their increased probability of detection and it signals improvements in the area, often leading to increased community pride, community cohesion and informal social control.
According to Alistair Bleach, Regional Manager of Red Alert Electronic Security, “There has been a surge of car accidents, vehicle theft and housebreakings around the metro and these essential security upgrades will go a long way toward ensuring safer communities and peace of mind for thousands of residents.”
Red Alert also have an Emergency Medical Services division in East London, King William’s Town and Mdantsane. Emergency response teams dispatched from the control room include the activation of armed response and emergency medical teams, helping to save valuable time for victims of accidents and crime in the metro.
Brett Harvey from Red Alert said, “We continue to work toward earning the trust of the consumer and with this initiative, we hope to demonstrate that we are willing to go above and beyond to keep our community safe. The investment from Red Alert in security in the Buffalo City Metro is an example of collaborative policing efforts between the public and private sector.”