Road trip do’s and dont’s

If you haven’t tried it yet, now’s the time to do your first road-trip. It’s the stuff memories are made of. For years to come, you’ll be reminded of your trip when your song plays on the radio so take careful note to pack music for all generations – its part of the fun.
Road trip survival kit
Music – Plan ahead and either pack a stack of CD’s or get the kids to download tunes.
Digital gadgets – The children will start asking how long it is before you reach your destination almost as soon as you leave town so, make sure you’ve packed chargers for all their gadgets and have them safely stored or plugged into the car charger in advance.
Sunglasses – The glare of our African sun is bright so protect your eyes.
GPS – If your car doesn’t have one, pack yours. Or get the kids to use Google maps. It keeps them busy and teaches them something at the same time. Let them enter your destination and calculate distances or speed.
Snacks – Everyone has a favourite travel snack. Just make sure it isn’t messy and that you have a damp cloth or some wet wipes on hand for accidental spillage. Small cooler-bags are ideal to keep your goodies fresh and easily accessible. Try some biltong, packets of fruit zest or nuts, chips and water. Avoid too many sugary snacks or you’ll just end up feeling sick by the time you arrive. Some freshly made sandwiches always fill the gap nicely. Just remember to put all your waste in a plastic bag and dispose of it at the filling station. No one appreciates a litterbug.
Camera – Yes we know your phone has one but if you have a good camera, take it along and keep it handy so that you can access it along the way. Stop and take pics when you see something that you love but try to get people in the photos or you’ll end up with panoramic views that mean nothing a few years down the line. Unless you are a professional photographer, it’s all about the people.
And lastly, call your insurer and contact your security company before you leave to check that your beams and sensors are all in working order so that you can enjoy your trip with complete peace of mind.
Remember, time spent together is the best investment you can make so make it count. Talk and play games. Play “I spy”. Each pick a colour and count the cars of that colour – first to 20 wins. They get to choose the next game or the next CD. Make it fun for everyone so that it can become a tradition for you and your family.