Tourism is slowly opening up and even if it means limited international travel and fewer foreign visitors, local tourists are taking to the skies and roads to experience new adventures.
Our country has so much to offer – beautiful beaches, wide-open spaces and colourful cultures so we’re sharing some expert advice to keep our tourists safe. 

Expert advice from the security sector

As partners to the hospitality industry, security and guarding companies offer some valuable advice for the sector.
We encourage the education of tourists so that they take simple precautions to avoid becoming the victim of crime. The basics apply:
Never travel with valuables.
Do not wear expensive jewellery.
Laptops, camera’s, mobile phones and handbags are targeted items.
Don’t be distracted by one person while another person runs off with your possessions.

Be aware that cybercriminals are targeting travellers

While the digital explosion has made staying connected when travelling easy, it’s not surprising that travellers are now a top target for cybercriminals.
Limit your use of unsecured Wi-Fi networks. It is always better to log onto a legitimate (i.e. locked and password protected) network. Also, turn off Wi-Fi capabilities when the Wi-Fi is not in use to reduce access to your devices.

How can the hospitality sector help to improve the safety of tourists?

Educate your guests to keep them safe. Offer advice and suggest preferred suppliers for travel arrangements and tours.
Travellers must understand the local situation, how they might be treated and be made aware of the type of environment they will be stepping into.
The safety of guests comes with complying with health and safety regulations. Ensure that alarms and security officers are on-site and that onsite parking is provided.