Startling facts about absenteeism in SA

According to an article that appeared on, absenteeism costs the SA economy around R12 -16 billion per annum. The article indicates that there is a clear link between employee health, productivity, and absenteeism.
Measuring and recording absenteeism data is meaningless unless you understand, monitor and actively intervene. What companies know and understand about absenteeism drivers is what ultimately leads to sensible and sustainable initiatives according to Occupational Care South Africa (OCSA).
Did you know?
On average 15 – 30% of staff could be absent on any given day.
Convert that to rands and cents per annum.
2 out of 3 employees who fail to show up for work aren’t physically ill.
That suggests there is something you can do about it.
Sleep disorders are ranked “the top cause of lost work time.”
One day’s absence can cost a company 3 day’s worth of salary without active management of absenteeism.
Start making changes in the workplace that can reduce contamination that ultimately leads to absenteeism.
Educate staff about the importance of personal hygiene.
Install hygiene products in public facilities.
Invest in employee wellness programs to encourage employees to take responsibility for their wellbeing, both physical and mental. Encourage staff to participate in some kind of sport – you might even consider starting a walking or running club and provide members with incentives for keeping fit.
Provide support for staff who need to care for elderly parents and those with children. Staff transport or daycare facilities at large organizations go a long way toward alleviating anxiety around these extra stressors.