Tackle the outdoor cleaning properly

If you’re planning some downtime to enjoy a braai with your friends and family, now is the time to tackle the backyard and garage – a thankless task if ever there was one!
If you have pets, that’s probably a good place to start. Kennels require thorough cleaning and perhaps even a fresh coat of paint to keep them looking good. Brush out the inside with a hard bristled broom and pour some antiseptic like Dettol or even Jeyes Fluid in a bucket of water. Take a rag and wipe the surfaces inside an out with the antiseptic solution. Don’t forget to clean underneath as well – this is where spiders make their webs and cockroaches might even be nesting.
Once that is done, shake out their bedding and wash it well. Leave it to dry before replacing it. Then you need to wash your furry friends. Use pet shampoo and rinse them well. It’s probably a good time to deworm them and administer tick and flea control too otherwise you’ll be back to square one in no time at all.
The garbage bin. Yes, the big municipal one. It needs to be cleaned regularly but in the event that you haven’t done that, make an effort to wash it out with antiseptic to reduce odours and kill germs.
Gutters can be breeding grounds for bacteria if they are not cleared properly and water is left to stagnate. Clear out any blockages and make sure everything is secure – you’ll be glad you did when the rain comes.
The tool-shed should be wiped down well so that there are no greasy surfaces for gunk to accumulate. Oil your tools and rusty hinges and repack your toolbox – it’ll help you find things more easily.
Clean the weed-eater and lawnmower well and treat them to a mini service. Wipe down garden implements like the rake, spade and fork before returning to storage. The better you look after your tools, the better they will look after you.
Clean garden furniture and cover it to protect it from the harsh sun.
Remove weeds from paving and use a weed-killer to manage regrowth if there is any.
Remove mould from paving and walls with pool cleaner. Chlorine and a hard bristled brush does an excellent job but you’ll need to use gloves and a face mask. It will take your breath away and burn your skin so be very careful if you try this!!
The braai grid or Weber should be cleaned out too. Clean all the accessories and make sure you have a firelighter, charcoal and wood on hand. Check for snakes if you have large piles of wood stacked in your yard.
Remove any broken glass, pieces of wood and other rubble. Arrange a skip to save on the cost.
That should about cover it. You’ll have a lovely space to entertain with peace of mind.