At Red Alert, we understand that true security demands a multi-layered, all-encompassing solution. That’s why we offer a full suite of services designed to safeguard every aspect of your people, property, and assets. Our comprehensive approach leaves no stone unturned, ensuring you can have complete peace of mind.

Access Control

Securing the perimeter begins with stringent access control measures. Our advanced systems, featuring biometric scanners, RFID technology, and robust database integration, ensure only authorised individuals are granted entry to your premises. This crucial first step prevents unauthorised access and mitigates risks from the outset.

Highly-Trained Patrol Services

Once on your grounds, our vigilant patrol services take over. Our highly-trained professionals leverage cutting-edge technology like video analytics, thermal imaging, and drone monitoring to maintain a constant watch. With rapid response times and extensive training in risk assessment and de-escalation techniques, they provide an unparalleled physical security presence.

Autonomous Patrol Bots

Augmenting our human patrol teams are our state-of-the-art autonomous patrol bots. These unmanned ground vehicles are equipped with a suite of sensors including video cameras, thermal imaging, and motion detectors to continuously monitor your property. They seamlessly integrate with our security systems, instantly alerting our control rooms of any anomalies. Their responsive manoeuvrability allows them to rapidly investigate any areas of concern.

Eyes in the Sky

To further enhance our capabilities, we also offer aerial surveillance via unmanned drones. These sophisticated devices can swiftly and discreetly monitor expansive areas, rapidly deploying our response teams to any location if threats are detected. Their real-time video feeds are seamlessly integrated into our control rooms for coordinated incident response.

State-of-the-Art Video Surveillance

Our CCTV systems leverage the latest video analytics and blackscreen monitoring technologies in state-of-the-art control rooms. Professionals controllers maintain 24/7 vigilance, assessing incoming feeds and coordinating our rapid response field teams. With an emphasis on proactive threat detection, we don’t just observe – we identify and mitigate risks before they escalate.

Tailored, Multi-Layered Solutions
No two properties or security needs are identical. That’s why we take a consultative approach, thoroughly assessing your unique requirements to develop customised solutions that leave no vulnerability unaddressed. Only by implementing tightly-integrated, multi-layered security protocols can you achieve true peace of mind.

Our commitment to leveraging best-in-class technologies, meticulously trained professionals, and tailored solutions ensures your property, assets, and people are safeguarded at every level. Contact us today to explore how our comprehensive services can give you the ultimate sense of security.