Increased public awareness of environmental health issues is driving change in the professional cleaning and hygiene industry.

Marketing of mass consumer cleaning products and health concerns raised during the pandemic around the spread of disease causing germs has been a game changer for the industry. Consumers expect a higher level of cleanliness than ever before so we’re witnessing a move away from cleaning for the sake of appearances to cleaning that creates healthier environments.

In addition to the demands of the public, professional cleaning companies are highly regulated to maintain compliance with stringent health and safety standards. They rely on the use of innovative technology, products and procedures to help them move toward greener and more environmentally friendly products that do less harm and don’t negatively impact air quality.

The cleaning companies and their suppliers are becoming more deeply rooted in sustainability. This involves corporate cultures that embrace sustainable practices throughout their organisations, from renewable electricity supply to the sourcing of products that use recycled plastics in their product lines. The entire chain is gearing toward sustainability.

Businesses across the board are streamlining processes to cut costs and improve efficiencies in a fiercely competitive marketplace. This streamlining has pushed cleaning companies to provide value added services and expand their basket of service offerings to meet the changing demands of the client.

The trend toward achieving healthier spaces calls for more thorough cleaning practices but for cleaning companies looking to maintain a competitive advantage, balance between maintaining healthy margins and keeping costs and turnaround times down for clients, requires innovative solutions including the use of innovative technology.

Contract cleaning companies that stand out and are winning the battle are those who invest in the latest products, train their staff continuously and stay abreast of industry trends. These are the professionals who are taking a proactive approach to addressing challenges and embracing change.