Tips for holiday season shopping

You’ve probably heard it by now, the general consensus is to leave the children at home when you do your shopping. Not only will you be able to get in and out more quickly but you will end up spending less and won’t have to worry about their safety in the crowds.
For many retailers, this is the time that they make up for losses throughout the past year. The malls and streets are crowded and busy with throngs of people caught up in the festivities. In all the excitement, people are generally more relaxed than usual. That opens the door for mall predators.
These predators know full well that you have a long list of errands and that you are preoccupied whilst out shopping. They are experts in consumer behaviour and recognise soft targets with ease. These include:
• Mothers of babies – those using prams are especially at risk
• Elderly folk who walk slowly and are easily confused in the noise and mayhem
• People in restaurants that leave handbags on the floor or hanging from their seats
• Late shoppers who are left in deserted car parks
Many of the shopping malls around the country are manned by our highly trained cleaning and guarding staff. We trust that on both fronts our services at these malls will enhance your shopping experience. Keep in mind the following whilst trawling the aisles of your favourite mall:
• Always report any suspicious behaviour to the guards on duty. They will investigate on your behalf.
• Do not confront anyone on your own, leave it to the trained professionals and rather leave the area.
• Should you find the restrooms in a state less than satisfactory, kindly speak to one of the cleaning staff to alert them to the problem so that they can sort it out.
Finally, remember that whilst most people get to enjoy a break over this time of year, for many it is their busiest season. For that reason, be kind to those around you who do the work behind the scenes.