The increase of child abductions is a disturbing trend that has parents concerned about the safety of their children. The latest reports reveal brazen attempts to kidnap kids from restaurant tables in broad daylight and at malls across the country. This is what you need to discuss with your children to protect them from child abductions to help keep them safe. 

  1. Move as fast as you can, make as much noise as possible: If someone follows your kids, tries to restrain them or force them into a car, they should run, struggle and scream as loudly as possible.


  1. Get a whistle for your child to wear around their neck: A whistle is more effective than screaming and louder too!


  1. Teach your kids about Stranger Danger: They must know that they should never go anywhere with a stranger, even if they try to lure them by offering sweets, showing them puppies or kittens or saying that a parent sent them.


  1. Always wait inside the school premises while waiting for pick-up: Always wait to see that your child enters the school premises before you drive off.

Trust your gut feelings and stay off your phone!
This safety tip is brought to you by Red Alert because your safety is our concern. 
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