What to do in the event of theft

Theft is an invasion of your privacy. Assuming that no bodily harm has occurred, in which case medical treatment is a priority, it is important to take the necessary steps to protect yourself and your information as a matter of urgency.
Contact the police to report the crime
They will open a case number which you will need for insurance purposes and any future court proceedings that may arise. Give them a detailed report of the incident and include a list of items that you have noticed have been stolen. You might discover additional items that are missing at a later stage so a keep a record on file.
Liaise with your security company
Discuss the weak points in your system and possible solutions. It is wise to make a couple of changes so that if they plan to return, the thieves are unable to use the same method of breaking and entering as they did before. Change your alarm code and install new sensors if possible. There is new technology to overcome the cloaking method that previously was not detected.
Change your locks and get new keys cut.
Contact your insurer
Your insurance company will assist you through the claims process. Take the opportunity to update your policy and provide them with a list of your insured assets with accompanying photographs for their records.
Contact your cell phone provider
Chances are good that your cell phone will be gone so you need to report the theft to your cell phone provider and block the number. Post something on social media to alert your friends – especially those on your contact list.
If you have saved your contacts to the cloud, you’ll at least be spared the loss of your contact list.
Contact your bank or financial institution
Inform your bank about the theft and provide your SAPS case number. Instruct them to cancel all your cards and be on the lookout for unauthorised use of your cards which will need to be disputed. Should your ID have been stolen, dealing with your bank will not be easy. Use your passport if that has not been stolen.
Apply for new Drivers Licence and ID card
Identity theft is a growing concern so make immediate application for a new ID and Driver’s Licence card.
Unfortunately, the actual theft almost becomes insignificant compared to the inconvenience it causes. Call a friend for some support – you’ll need it.