Expert security tips for load shedding

Load shedding is back and South Africans are not happy.
2020 has been a difficult year for South Africans. Before we heard about coronavirus, discontent was brewing as businesses bled out from the impact of rolling blackouts around the country. When lockdown was announced, ESKOM stepped up and promised to keep the lights on whilst we were forced indoors but Eskom implemented load-shedding this week, leaving up to 20% of South Africa without electricity at a time.
Christelle Colman, Old Mutual Insure executive for high-net-worth solutions, said in her experience, the most common risks associated with load shedding are the possible damage to appliances and the security threat.
“The risk of increased opportunistic crime should be top-of-mind for South Africans, considering the load shedding schedule is made public for all – including criminals – to see,” Colman said.
Colman and Steyn gave 11 tips for South Africans to stay safe at home during load shedding.

Get back-up batteries for alarm systems

  1. Get back-up batteries for alarm systems.
  2. Have a spare torch or headlamp.
  3. Install reserve batteries for fences and gates too.
  4. Save Emergency contact information. For Emergency Medical Services cal 043 703 4777 and for security reaction officers, call 043 703 4700.
  5. Charge electronic devices.
  6. Have gas for cooking and lighting.
  7. Have frozen bottled water.
  8. Unplug all cables.
  9. Install surge protection.
  10. Back up data.
  11. Only use generators outside.

*Adapted from James de Villiers’ article on Business Insider SA
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