As an employer or hiring executive, conducting pre-employment screening allows you to confirm and inspect the details supplied by a prospective employee. The screen results let you uncover facts your candidate might have erroneously or deliberately omitted, such as a criminal record. Reports that originate from a background check can assist you in maintaining a safe and effective workplace. More importantly, it helps you bypass the traps of making a poor hiring decision.


Pre-employment background checks are critical in the hiring process. They help employers confirm the honesty of information a job applicant provides you with on their resume. In a benchmark 2018 report, researchers uncovered that 85% of employers detected applicants lying on their applications or resumes.


Businesses that do pre-employment screening as an essential part of their hiring strategy can look forward to many advantages. One of these is headway in the quality of job applicants, which leads to quality, highly effective workers and decreased employee turnover. It furthermore discourages unfit people with a previous criminal history from contending for the vacant position.


Here are more advantages of conducting pre-employment screening:


  • Reduced non-violent employee misconduct
  • Reduced risk of negligent hiring claims
  • Protects your recruitment investment
  • It gives hiring managers a quantitative edge when making a qualitative decision
  • It helps weed out liars and makes sure no “gig” falls through the cracks
  • Fraud prevention
  • Data security
  • Reputation management
  • Legal compliance
  • Proving due diligence


Pre-employment screening may take time and additional actions on your part as an employer. Still, it could be your first step towards a safe and effective workplace. It’s a wise investment to make it a vital element of your company’s recruitment procedure. Make the process more effortless for you by tapping the expertise of specialists like the pre-employment screening professionals at Red Alert.