Add some autumnal touches indoors

Autumn is almost here and that means chilly mornings and evenings – a great excuse to spend some extra time indoors, snuggled up with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book or even a binge session on Netflix.
Be prepared for some chilling at home by trying some of these ideas to keep things smelling fresh and feeling warm and inviting.
Storing blankets and comforters is a routine for those who change their bedding seasonally. Many homemakers keep extra blankets and comforters on hand for guests. Fabric fibres, down and other comforter filler materials absorb odors, which can give the blankets and comforters a musty or stale smell.
Haul out your winter bedding and leave it to air in the sunshine for a few hours.
Give winter sheets and light blankets a wash and add some essential oils to the rinse cycle.
If you have fresh lavender in the garden (get some if you don’t), pick a few sprigs and leave them in small vases in walkways – every time you pass, you’ll be able to enjoy the calming fragrance.
Get some scented candles for the home, they’re also good to have for load shedding… Place them in bedrooms and living rooms and even use them in the kitchen. They create a lovely ambiance and often double up to deter insects or soothe frazzled nerves as an added bonus.
Invest in some homemade soaps from your local market and use these in cupboards and as hand and bath soap. Try to add some spicy notes with some cinnamon or orange peel to play with the autumnal colours indoors. Add some bath bombs that’ll leave your skin silky soft and your spirits soothed.
Opt for an aromatherapy diffuser and try sandalwood or lemongrass oils. Many of these come with some lighting too so you can use them as soft night light in communal areas.
All that’s left to do is to stock up on some treats for those evenings in.