Do you know how to clean your chandelier?

It’s not a trick question. It’s one of those things most people simply don’t know how to do and even if they do, it’s such a mission that it never gets done.
We’ve done some research for you to find out if there are simple hacks to clean chandeliers. Here’s what we found:
There are a number of different options ranging from crystal chandeliers to prisms to silk lampshades.
Make no mistake, this one is going to give you a good workout for those arms so if you have any concerns about underarm wings, this is what you need to do!
Switch off the electricity. You don’t want to shock yourself! Grab the ladder and secure it firmly. Place a bucket of warm water mixed with white vinegar on a stand nearby and another with warm soapy water so that you can rinse your cloth regularly without dismounting the ladder – unless you want to give your legs a workout too…
Carefully remove any dead insect bits from trays and get to work on shining each piece of crystal or glass. Make sure you remove any grease and that you use a clean cloth with the vinegar solution.
That’ll take a while. Consider taking a tea break before you tackle the shade.
Fabric shades collect dust and detract from the freshly cleaned sparkly bits. Use a hand vacuum cleaner to suck up any dust, using the brush attachment. Otherwise, use a clean makeup or painting brush and long, vertical motions to sweep dust off the lamp shade from top to bottom. Paper or parchment shades need dusting with a microfiber cloth.
Try rolling a lint roller over all your lampshades once a month at least to keep them free of pet hair and dust. It not only prolongs their lifespan, it improves the lighting in the room too.
Check out this video for easy reference.