Everything you need to do in an emergency

People tend to panic and exaggerate when phoning an ambulance according to a Cape Town-based Emergency Medical Services (EMS) paramedic.
People tend to get the basics wrong, which tends to lengthen an ambulance response time to get to a patient.
When you are calling for an emergency, remember that there are probably a number of other people in critical circumstances calling in too so give correct and accurate information so that your call can be prioritized accordingly.
Ambulances may not refuse your call but they are also not free. If you have time to do so, confirm with your medical aid that the ambulance service is contracted in so that you are not burdened with any unnecessary concerns in addition to the wellbeing of your family or friend.
Wait outside so that you can wave the ambulance down. If the property is obscured by big trees or does not have a prominently displayed number, this saves time that may end up help saving a life.
Remove dogs from the area so that you can allow unobstructed access to the person. Dogs often try to protect the injured party and may attack paramedics.
Get essentials together in anticipation of a hospital stay. Pack medications, ID documents, medical aid cards, extra clothes, employer insurance (where applicable) etc. ready in one bag to easily take along. Also take a cell phone and charger so that you can remain in contact with family.
Our Red Alert Emergency Medical Services are contracted to most medical aids. Save our number on your phone to help save a life. 043 703 4777