How to incorporate cleaning and hygiene into corporate wellness programmes

As with most things, your chances of success are much higher if you plan well. That’s why we’re sharing a cleaning plan for you to motivate your staff to keep your office clean and neat as part of a move to improved wellness in the workplace. The concept is simple – boost morale and health in the workplace for a more prosperous 2018!
Initiate fresh ideas
Leave a note with some hand wipes on each desk with an encouraging message for the New Year. Make sure your message is personal and motivational and ask for ideas so that it’s not perceived as enforcing your will but rather opening the door for conversation.
Play on the “wiping the slate clean” concept as you launch into the year and use that as an intro to discuss the importance of clean work surfaces like computer screens and cell phones.
As an example:
“Your wellbeing is important to us and that is why we want to engage with you at the start of the year to help you reach your goals for 2018.
We’re giving you these sanitary hand-wipes as a symbolic gesture of wiping the slate clean to clear the way for new opportunities. Join us as we work toward doing things smarter and better – together!”

You get the picture. Now all you have to do is open discussion around the importance of cleanliness and personal hygiene. Decide on a weekly example or area that you can highlight and work on creative implementation.
Follow through
Once you’ve opened the door, make sure you guide them along the path to change. It’s all well and good having ideas but not much use if you don’t enforce them.
Commit to budget for employee wellness and diarise monthly wellness days for your workforce. These can include presentations from guest speakers or take the form of videos on your intranet if it reaches your entire team.
Instead of drilling into hygiene and cleanliness as a separate issue incorporate it into various aspects of the wellness programme and consider rewarding remarkable changes with a personal spa voucher or something along those lines.
Consider topics like:
• How employee wellness programmes can help you reduce your medical costs
• How environment and behaviour impact health
• How improved health can improve your career development prospects
• Why hygiene is important at work
• How stress impacts on employees and the bottom line
If you manage the change, you’ll reap the rewards of reduced absenteeism in the workplace and healthier and more productive employees – at work and at home.
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